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Clean Your Windows to Professional Standard with the Unger ErgoTec 6 in 1 Kit

Professional window cleaning is among many costs we’re all looking to reduce these days. The obvious solution is to either do it yourself or include it in the duties of your regular employees — but how do you get the professional standard you’ve come to expect?

The most important thing is to have the right set of tools, and the highest standard you’ll need is the Unger ErgoTec 6 in 1 Window Cleaning Kit.

There Are Windows Everywhere
If you run a retail business in a bricks-and-mortar shop, it’s vital for footfall that your windows offer a clear, unimpeded view through to your displays. Dirty windows aren’t going to entice the passing trade through your doors.

In the same way, a small hotel or guest house needs to keep the windows as clean as everything else, and the same is true if you hire out your building as a venue for events. It isn’t even just the windows — a gym, for example, will have plenty of mirrors that need to be kept spotless.

Cleaning Your Own Windows

While professional window-cleaning is still needed from time to time, it could get expensive to have it done every few days. But what are you going to do if your windows get dirty in between visits? Your customers won’t be impressed.

Fortunately, you have your own staff, and the chances are that they’ll have quiet periods when they don’t have enough to do. Adding the option of window-cleaning to their duties, to supplement your window-cleaner’s visits, will solve both problems in one stroke.

Or you’ll have house-keeping staff in your hotel or guest house, who are used to cleaning, so window-cleaning can be incorporated into their routine. The same is true, for instance, on a cruise liner, where the glass doors can be kept clean by your domestic staff.

Unger Window Cleaning Kit

The Right Tools Are Essential

Using your own staff to clean your windows (or doing it yourself, for that matter) is all very well, but what about the tools? Professional window-cleaners have expensive, precision equipment, and you won’t get the same results from a bucket of soapy water and a couple of rags.

Fortunately, that isn’t necessary. Leading supplier of window-cleaning equipment Unger offers the ErgoTec 6 in 1 kit — the professional-standard tools you need for an affordable price.

Comprising power washer, squeegee, scraper and microfibre cloth, together with a purpose-designed bucket and a supply of professional window-cleaning liquid, this kit offers all you need to clean your own windows to high standards. Unger supplies the best professional window-cleaners with the highest-standard equipment, and the ErgoTec 6 in 1 kit is of the same high quality.

Crucially, all the tools included in the kit are safe and easy to use, promoting the fully ergonomic working conditions you aim to give your employees. They can pick up how to use them with minimal training, allowing them to take pride in the great results.

You don’t even need to own a business. If you prefer to clean your own windows at home, the ErgoTec 6 in 1 kit offers a cost-effective, luxury product that allows you to do just that.

Find out more about the Unger ErgoTec 6 in 1 kit, to supplement professional window-cleaning.

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