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Ladder Safety and How to Prevent Property Damage

What do window cleaners have in common with decorators, security erectors, window installers and DIYers? Answer — they all need to use ladders.

A sloppily used ladder can be extremely dangerous when you’re working at height. At the same time, many surfaces can be damaged by having a ladder leant against them, so it’s important to have a range of ladder safety equipment. Not only will you be protecting yourself and the buildings — you’ll also be clearly demonstrating to your customers that you’re a professional.

Ladder Mitts — Surface Protectors

ladder mitts

You might need to lean your aluminium ladder against a wide variety of surfaces, from uPVC window surrounds to marble on a high-end frontage, not to mention caravans, boats and mobile homes. The metal can easily chip or scratch any of these surfaces, while some — especially uPVC — can cause considerable sideways movement of the ladder.

This can all be prevented by fitting Ladder Mitts, strong Urethane foam covers. We import the original brand, which is longer lasting than many of its competitors. Not only will they protect vulnerable surfaces against damage, but they also make it very difficult for the ladder to move, even against uPVC. This is vital, since it takes very little movement at ground level to cause a significant problem at the top of the ladder.

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Rojak Ladder Stopper — Safety Base

rojack ladder stopper

While Ladder Mitts can go a long way to prevent sideways movement, this won’t help if the ladder foot isn’t secure on the ground. It’s difficult to make sure of that, since the foot covers a very small area and can easily slip.

The traditional way of countering this is to have a second person holding onto the ladder, but of course this means having someone with you to fulfil the role. Far better is to use a ladder stopper such as the Rojak to widen the base to 2 square feet instead of 2 square inches. A portable ladder base made of rubber and aluminium, it prevents slipping on surfaces from lawns to flat roofs.

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Steadfast Ladder Safety Mat

 Steadfast Ladder Safety Mat

While the Rojak ladder stopper is great for most purposes, there are conditions where something more secure is needed. Since its base is aluminium covered with rubber, it’s not very flexible and might not be enough on damp surfaces or ground covered with leaves.

In these cases, you’re better with a Steadfast Ladder Safety Mat, which is made of solid rubber and gets a complete grip on all types of surface. Besides damp or leaf-covered ground, it’s also totally reliable on painted or polished floors, and it fits all ladders, including splayed base window cleaning ladders.

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LadderMat — Safety Levelling Mats

LadderMat - Ladder Levelling Mats

The Rojak or Steadfast are perfect for securing your ladder on a level surface, but the reality is that not all surfaces are level. If you have to place the foot of your ladder on sloping ground, no safety base can reliably stop it from moving.

What you need in this case are LadderMat safety levelling mats. These come in packs of four, allowing you to build up the lower side so that the ladder foot is completely level. Alternatively, you can use them on a lawn or flower bed to prevent the ladder from causing damage.

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Safety is paramount when using ladders, and if you use a ladder regularly, whether for your profession or your hobby, these items of safety equipment are an absolute essential. Get in touch with us to find out more — or order now.

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