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Pole Position: The Best Water-Fed Window Cleaning Pole

Pole Position: The Best Water-Fed Window Cleaning Pole

Any window cleaner requires a high-quality window cleaning pole — and, unless you’re sticking to relatively low buildings, this needs to be an extendable window cleaning pole. The problem with using an ordinary pole to clean windows, however, is getting the water up to the hard-to-reach windows.

This makes water-fed poles the perfect solution. There are many of these on the market, but the range we’re most excited about is the Unger nLite Pure Water oval poles. We stock these poles at The Windowclean Centre, along with hoses, adjustable goose-necks and a range of brushes.

Why Use the Unger nLite Range?

Traditionally, window cleaning poles are round, and this can cause problems. They tend to turn and twist in your hands, and this makes them not only harder to control but also more fatiguing to use.

The Unger nLite range uses oval poles instead, and this gives them a number of advantages. They are designed to be comfortable to grip, with no twisting and turning, making them far easier to control, which is particularly vital when using a longer goose-neck and wider 40cm brush . The unique pole profile is adapted to your hand, causing less fatigue when operating, and the oval profile puts less stress on the clamps.

You have a choice whether you prefer the hose to be fed internally or clipped to the outside.

What Are the Poles Made Of?

Unger nLite oval poles are predominantly made of premium carbon fibre. The entry-level Carbon Composite is a mix of carbon and glass fibre, while the premium all Carbon uses a unique weave of 24,000 fibres per bundle — hence it’s known as Carbon 24K.

What Are the Choices in the Unger nLite Range?

Unger nLite Carbon Composite Pure Water Pole
This is made of a mixture of carbon fibre and fibreglass, making it an excellent entry level pole for reaching a maximum height of 8.6 metres.

UG nLite carbon comp water fed pole
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Unger nLite Carbon 24K Water Fed Pole
This premium level pole is made of all carbon fibre, making it lightweight but incredibly strong. Its strength comes into play when using the (optional) two extensions, giving a total working height of 16 metres.

Unger nLite Carbon 24K Water Fed Pole
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Whichever of these two water-fed window-cleaning poles you go for will have a rubber base that protects the pole from damage when it’s standing upright on the ground. They also feature easy-to-use clamps that can be closed with one finger as well as being low profile, so that there are no projections. The brush can be changed by a single lever.

You can buy either of these poles by itself or as part of a kit that also includes a gooseneck adaptor, Duroflex hose and a twin jet double fill Power Brush. Give us a call to find out more about, in our opinion, the best water-fed window cleaning poles. There’s no better time to try, with our June offers on nLite oval poles and kits.


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