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Ledger Long Handle Squeegee 35cm

CODE 1208

The Ledger is a stretched version of your squeegee handle and is designed to solve the problem of how to reach over deep window sills, lintels, ledges and inside mullions.

When working with an extension pole, the Ledger will allow you to bring your squeegee down to the base of any pane even when cleaning 1st and 2nd floor windows.

Made from aircraft grade aluminium and designed to accept brass channels with end clips, Ledgers are available with a reach of 23 & 35cm (9" & 14")

Jerry Ridgen (inventor of the Ledger)
"A rule of thumb concerning the size Ledger to use on a particular job, is the distance a window is set back from the face of the building and the height of the glass. A 35cm Ledger will reach over a 15cm ledge 6mtrs up, but not a 25cm ledge. The 35cm would easily handle a 25cm ledge, 2.5mtrs up. The Ledger provides a better dynamic pressure on the glass."

Hint: Put a strip washer sleeve over the channel to allow you to wash to the bottom edge of the glass.

Weight: 130g (Handle)